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Integration Relationships - IT1001

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:52 pm
by ljgershman
Hello fellow SAPPERS!

We have just upgraded to EHP6. When we execute a hire or transfer personnel action to put an employee into an occupied position (which we need to do at times), we get the usual IT0001 warning of: A008 relationships of S nnnnnnnn exceed 100 % by 100.00 %. This is fine and works according to the 100% check setting on the A008/B008 relationships (Table T77VA). Prior to the upgrade, pressing enter would clear the warning, and the action would usually proceed to the next infotype in the infogroup. Now, after clearing the warning, it is displaying the Integration Relationships infotype (1001) between the Person and the Position (B008 Relationship). Clicking SAVE allows the action to continue but we would prefer to not have this appear because we don't use Priority or adjust Staffing Percentage.

As a test, I blanked out the 100% Check indicator for the A008/B008 relationships. This stopped the IT1001 pop-up but also stopped the warning, and we want the warnings to continue.

Is there a setting that allows us to keep receiving the standard warning but not display the Integrations Relationships infotype?

Thanks for your help!
Larry Gershman