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An un reproducable problem

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 10:22 pm
by danneylu
Dear All,

We have customized payroll function for China which is used to calculate some accruals. The logic is that if it is retro calculation, we will read the previous payroll result without any change. However, recently when run for around 13000 employees, we found during retro calculation, some times, we miss some wage types in the payroll result. So we try to reproduce the problem, but the problem doesn't happen again when we run for single employee or even batch employees.

We use below program to read old payroll result

Code: Select all
  SELECT SINGLE * FROM t500l INTO ls_w500l WHERE molga EQ i08_molga.
    lv_clustername = 'PAYxx_RESULT'.
    lv_clustername+3(2) = ls_w500l-intca.
    CREATE DATA lv_itemp_result_ref TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF (lv_clustername).
    CREATE DATA lv_wresult_ref TYPE (lv_clustername).
    ASSIGN lv_itemp_result_ref->*  TO <itemp_result>.
    ASSIGN lv_wresult_ref->*  TO <wresult>.

* Get the last payroll result
        pernr                        = i08_pernr
        permo                        = i08_permo
        pabrj                        = lv_pabrj
        pabrp                        = lv_fabrp
        pabrj_end                    = lv_pabrj
        pabrp_end                    = lv_labrp
        actual                       = 'A'
        result_tab                   = <itemp_result>
        no_results                   = 1
        error_in_currency_conversion = 2
        t500l_entry_not_found        = 3
        t549q_entry_not_found        = 4
        OTHERS                       = 5.

Can anyone help me? Any similar case you have met before?
Please kindly advice. Thanks.

Re: An un reproducable problem

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:37 pm
by PRWake

I'm not sure if this reply is a little late or relevant. What I would consider is set up two testing scenarios, Both to retro 1 pay period, Have one retro a changed result and the other no changed result. Remember the payroll can retro for changes in Master data fields, from the WPBP infotypes, 0001, 0007, 0008, 0027..... In simplest form: Run a payroll for 2 EEs each with a i0015 record $50.00 Run the pay, roll into next period, Place into Corrections now Try a 0015 one off payment. Change the amount on both save $30.00, go back into one of the records and change the amount to the original value 50.00, process the payrolls for both, now see if anything sticks its head out.