SAP query can't display IT22 Education fields

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SAP query can't display IT22 Education fields

Post by jjennyliu » Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:29 am

Hire date 1 Jan 2000

start date of IT22: 1 Sept 1994
End date of IT22: 30 June 1998

Do you know how I can show IT22 record from SAP query though it's earlier than the hire date as we record the start date and end date of the university study?


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Re: SAP query can't display IT22 Education fields

Post by ljgershman » Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:05 am


You need to set the reporting period in your query for a range that would include the range of IT0022 start/end dates you gave as examples. Try selecting ALL or a range of dates. IT0022 start and end dates are validity dates like any other infotype. If your query reporting period does not include a date range to that would include those IT0022 dates, you will not see any results. If your end date is 1998, as in your example, the query period must include a date range including 1998. This would also apply to IT0023, Other/Previous Employers as well.

Some SAP customers set the IT0022 Start Date as the actual graduation date from the educational institution and set the end date as 12/31/9999 so the education records will always show results in current queries. While you basically lose the recording of actual start and end attendance dates, you at least ensure your queries will return results and capture the actual graduation date which is likely the most important date of all for education.


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