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hiring action conflicts with dynamic action

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:50 am
by DeathAndPain
Hello everyone,

we are having a conflict between a dynamic action and the info group of a regular action (infotype 0000). When we start a hiring action, the corresponding info group is launched and processes a series of other infotypes, including e.g. infotype 8. Part of this info group is also infotype 7. However, creating infotype 7 launches a dynamic action, which again creates an infotype 8!

Theoretically we could remove infotype 8 from the info group so that it is only created by means of the dynamic action. But that would alter the logical order in which the infotypes are processed during a hiring action.

I know that dynamic actions are not being processed during batch input. Is it possible to also prevent them from being processed during info groups of regular personnel actions?

Re: hiring action conflicts with dynamic action

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:49 am
by ljgershman

Sorry for the late reply 5 months later but I just saw your posting. Hope you resolved the problem, but if not...

I do not know of a way to skip executing an infotype in an infogroup, even if it was executed already by a dynamic action. As an alternative, you can call a program within the dynamic action that creates the infotypes based on your specific criteria. We had a similar situation and now just create IT0008 via dynamic action. IT0008 is not included in our hiring action infogroup. Another idea would be to create an infogroup modifier in your hiring infogroup that would execute IT0007/IT0008 for employee types that would not need the dynamic action. Be sure to update feature IGMOD accordingly.