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Customer Connection - new functionality, available NOW!

Human Resources (PM, OM, PA, TM ,PD)

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Customer Connection - new functionality, available NOW!

Postby xau » Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:10 pm

Attached is some information on the improvements delivered from the 2013 PA/OM/Time Customer Connection program

In brief...
If you haven't heard of the Customer Connection it is part of SAP's CEI (Customer Engagement Initiative) that replaces the (broken/hopeless) DRQ (Development Request notes). More detail on CEI available here
Basically customers suggest ideas for small/medium changes (i.e. usually deliverable by note) that would improve SAP and "subscribe" to changes others have suggested. Waldorf then looks at the popular ideas, develops some easy ones & makes excuses for ignoring others, gets grief from customers/mentors/experts etc for not doing enough & then delivers some good developments.
There will be a new PA/OM/Time Customer Connection program mid 2014 so keep an eye out for that & get involved (if you don't take the time to say what improvements you would like to see you can't really then say SAP should be making more improvements!)
Find available improvements easily using the SAP Improvement Finder
Improvement Finder

(more are available - see Improvement Finder - but these are my picks/favorites)

Date dependent Enterprise Structure
(EG/ESG EmployeeGroup/Subgroup & PA/PSA Personnel Area/Subarea)
YES - no more renaming disused codes "DO NOT USE"!!
Note 1883014 - Sven Ringling has written this up in more detail in SCN

The work schedule finder on info type 0007
(Note 1795844) Doug Brown has a video of this in use

New Tab for IT1005 Planned Compensation in PPOME
(Note 1833102)

Partial vacancies for positions
(Note 1832511)

Include Accruals on Absence Quota Report
(Note 1850393)

New Infotype (3355) for Quota Type Selection Group
(Note 1816423 - this one is especially good for new implementations/changing quota groups)
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