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Work Tax (IT0208) split

PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:14 am
by b123rich
Hi All,

We got a weird issue when we have an employee that is working in more than two states. When IT0208 is split with two states it works just fine. When there are three states, it appears to take the first state and add the percentage from the third state (see example below). I changed the states and the percentages, and it seems pretty consistent. I also sent this to BSI and they are confident that Tax Factory is working as expected.

MI 55% 5751.16 * .55 = 3163.39 <<<>>>> 5751.16 * .85 = 4888.49 <----- currently doing this
OH 15% 5751.16 * .15 = 862.67
SC 30% 5751.16 * .30 = 1725.34

Has anyone seen this issue before? Its gotta be inside the USTAX function, but that should be pretty standard. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!