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Reporting Options?

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Reporting Options?

Postby derf001 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:42 pm

Hello all. I know very little about SAP in general, so please excuse the ignorance.

In my company, the demand for HR related reports is increasing. Exporting data from ad-hoc queries (not sure what it's official name is) and fumbling around with Excel and VBA to produce reports is proving costly, unsophisticated and unreliable.

What kind of reporting solutions are there for SAP?

My basic requirement would be that this solution should remove the necessity for me to fumble around in Excel and VBA to do the formatting and calculated fields, columns, etc. It should allow me to setup calculated fields and reports as a one-off, then to export it, I simply change the criteria to suit the situation and export to Excel in it's final state. Reports like Month-by-month employee turnover, redundancy calculations, headcount reports.

Ideally, i'd also like this tool to be easy to use for end-users and that it will allow them to view my pre-saved reports so that they can export it themselves, without pestering me!
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