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Use of P0014-ZUORD

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:15 am
by Sleepyjoe

Bit of a long shot as better people than me have tried to find an answer to the following problem and haven't yet found any advice.

We have a requirement to use P0014-ZUORD as a key to find entries on IT0014 and make changes to them. The documentation says that this is a SAP supplied field but that it is user defined. Entries can be found using SE16, ie entries in this field can be used as selection criteria but our ABAP team say the field is not available to use as a way of identifying specific records when trying to create an amendment, eg we have a scenario in which if wage type A is delimited, then if the same dates and P0014-ZUORD exist on wage type B, then this should be delimited as well. Our problem is that multiple occurrences of wage type A and B can exist with the same dates and the only difference between them is P0014-ZUORD. Sequence numbers can't be relied on as wage type B is not necessarily created at the same time as wage type A for the same P0014-ZUORD. We have no problem finding the wage types we want to delimit - we just can't home in on them when trying to delimit them.

Can anybody advise if there is a way of doing something to the P0014-ZUORD field so that it can be used as a key, please?


Re: Use of P0014-ZUORD

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:21 am
by rangachary
Sorry Sleepyjoe,

Looks like I am probably not clearly understanding this problem - If you are relying on ABAP anyway, is it a big problem to programmatically select all records of Wagetypes A and B with the same validity dates, and remove any where the ZUORD fields does not match? and then carry out the delimiting operation on all that remains?