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CATS Approval through UWL (Portal)

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CATS Approval through UWL (Portal)

Postby jrehm » Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:31 am

We are using the WDA Application 'HRMSS_A_CATS_APPROVAL' in the Portal to approve working hours recorded in CATS. Therefore a work-item is displayed in the UWL. After executing the work item not all pending time sheets are shown for approval. The reason seems to be the view ''V_PTREQ_TEAM' where the group of Organizational view is defined. As we have only implemented approvals by exceptions the approver is not necessarily the line manager ... it's more the project manager who is not setup in the Org Structure. The approver should see all pending approvals independent from the Org-Structure. In the ERP System transaction SBWP - Inbox all pending approvals are shown correctly. So we have only the issue using the above Portal Service. Is it possible to setup this service not using the OADP (Object and data provider), because all necessary time sheet approvals have been assigned to the project manager through the BADI 'Determine workflow recipients for approval'? TAny idea? Thanks Josef
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Re: CATS Approval through UWL (Portal)

Postby Coweater » Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:15 pm

You should be able to use on of the standard reports for approvals in the portal, so that your project managers can approve times for her/his project without being the direct line manager.
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