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Adjustment run GB, tcode PUOC_08, function GBSXP

PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:04 am
by Haffen01

Are there anyone running adjustment runs from the Off-cycle Workbench for UK?

I face problems when testing this in our sandbox.
When trying to run an adjustment payroll run from PUOC_08, I get error message during the payroll run, in function GBSXP, saying 'No entry in table 549S, argument 26008005100000001. I guess the reason for this error message is that this payroll run is not linked to a payroll period, just a payment date.

I have read in this forum that some of you do an advance payment, where you enter a net amount in IT15. But if this adjustment is Bonus payment, and it has to be paid after the payroll in march 2012 ( just before new tax year ), how will you report this bonus in 2012?

Are noone running adjustment runs in UK? If not how do you handle corrections, for instance after the last payroll run in a year?

Appreciate if someone can shed some light over this.

Best regards