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How to capture travel agents & flight ticket no.s in travel

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How to capture travel agents & flight ticket no.s in travel

Postby reagan » Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:14 am

How to capture travel agents & flight ticket no.s in travel management?
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Earnest Reagan Jul 29, 2012 2:06 PM
Hi All,

My client wants to know what will be ideal SAP Travel Solution for this below scenario ?

Current Business Scenario:

1. Currently travel teams takes all travel requests by email. The email comes with a travel form containing the travel dates, travel destination details, no. of days of travel & plus whether accomodation needed or not. If yes for accomodation for how many days?

2. Based on the email request and travel details, the travel team sends an email to the travel agents to arrange for tickets.
If accommodation needed, then travel travel send the chek in & check out details to the hotel and book the rooms.

3. Once tickets & hotel bookings are confirmed by the travel agent / hotel, the details are sent to the traveller.

4. The travel team prepares a travel memo (for internal use) in which the traveler name, travel details, ticket no.s, travel agent name, hotel name, hotel booking details, flight ticket cost, hotel cost are entered. This travel memo is approved the travel dept.HOD and kept for future references.

5. The travel agents send their invoices based on the tickets booked. The invoice is raised on the date on which tickets are booked & sent to the client.

6. When the invoice comes to finance, finance team sends it to travel team for approval. The travel team checks the ticket no.s, traveller name in the invoice and matches it with the travel memo.

7. Then travel team attach a copy of the travel memo with the invoice and send it back to finance.

8. Finance pays the travel agent based on the travel memo.

9. Same way, when hotel invoice comes, the travel team check the name of the traveler, stay details, match it with the travel memo and send it to finance with a copy of the travel memo. Based on this hotel vendor gets payment.

Client Expectation :

A) All travel requests must come ESS MSS portal

B) There will be no interface with third part online ticket/hotel reservation system.
Travel or hotel vendors will send details by email, which travel team will update in SAP; may be in the form of a BDC program.

C) When finance is receiving invoice, they should be able to match the invoice details with the travel details of the employee in the system
(Currently using the travel memo, ticket no & traveller name is used to match the invoice with the Travel Memo)

D) How to also handle employee advances/settlement process if ESS/MSS has to be used ?
Can advance/settlement be done thro payroll or any other method is there to do it ?

E) How can finance link the travel request & advance taken while settling the advance post-trip ?

F) How to store the travel agent, hotel agent details, airlines details in the Travel Management?
Because client wants to take reports on travel requests travel/hotel agent wise, airlines wise, to estimate the travel cost, booking cost.

Please suggest how travel & expense management can offer a solution to the above business scenario..

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