Quota generation: Change in transfer time

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Quota generation: Change in transfer time

Post by mreds » Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:30 am

Dear Gurus,

I have a situation like below (Australia client)
The Long Service Leave (abs quota 80) is 494 hours/10 years.
And the employee will get this entitlement after 10 years counted from their hiring date (date type Z1)

I use accrual period daily so it can get the pro-rata each day.
The transfer time is configured using transfer rule LSL 10 years (Z1 + 10 years).

After I customized, the calculation running well for the first entitlement generation.
But now the question is, for the second and the quota generation afterwards, the transfer time need to be changed into per payroll period.
(monthly, weekly, or fortnightly).

How can I set it in the system?
As I know for the same absence quota, SAP only allow 1 kind of transfer time.

Thank you.

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