Delimiting behind the scenes via Dynamic Actions

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Delimiting behind the scenes via Dynamic Actions

Post by Kev » Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:57 pm


I am having issues delimiting entries behind the scenes via dynamic actions. Every time i try to do it, it keeps processing in the foreground instead of the background. Here is my code, any ideas? Or is it just not possible without calling some custom abap code? (all the calls are done off of a change or create on IT0000).

P P0000-MASSN='IV'/X
P P0000-MASSN='VS'/X
I LIS9,0105,0001,,(P0000-BEGDA),(P0000-ENDDA)/D

I also tried, copying the current entry so that there is anew one as of the action date, then deleting it immediately, again in the background, it just deletes the entire record, not just the newly created one, even though when it is done manually it allows you to keep the old record.

I COP,0105,0001,,(P0000-BEGDA),(P0000-ENDDA)/D
I DEL,0105,0001/D

I have also tried modifying the current entry, changing the end date.

I MOD,0105,0001/D

None of the above get me my result of the entry delimiting in the background. anyone have any ideas?


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Re: Delimiting behind the scenes via Dynamic Actions

Post by b123rich » Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:10 am

Hi Kev,
Ive been told that its not possible to delimit via Dymanic Actions. You can only use the following actions: INS, COP, MOD, and DEL.
I tried your trick of creating/copying then deleting .. I couldnt get to work either.

You can use 'F - Call a routine' to perfom any action via ABAP.
..hope this helps.

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