Advantages of Time Management in SAP

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Advantages of Time Management in SAP

Post by tina1262 » Wed May 30, 2012 2:37 pm


Our company is currently discussing the option whether we should implement Time management in SAP or not. As it is a bit costy, that is why I would like to hear your experiences with it. Is it worth the costs? How did your company processes improve thanks to TM in SAP? What are the reasons we should decide to transfer from our current local time management software provider to TM in SAP? We use time recording terminals for recording absences and attendance of our employees. We are industrial company (majority of workforce consists of blue-collars). (We use SAP system for other business processes, ie finance, accounting, we use business warehouse a lot etc.)

Did your company benefit from the transition in the long term (how? - lower financial costs, less complexity etc... can you please state explicitly due to what).

What useful data flows do you make use of thanks to SAP TM? Can data be used directly for analysing i.e. productivity?

Costs vs. benefits?

Basically, haha - How could I convince my bosses that transfer to TM in SAP is the way to go? (including from financial point of view)

Thank you so much for your help!

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