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Turn off printing of direct deposit statements

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:59 pm
by hopper1
We are trying to turn off printing of direct deposit statements for specific employees using infotype 655.
We use the SE51 form for remunerations statements, all of the SAP documentation I have found references configuring I/T 655 and then checking the box “Check ESS” on the Remuneration Print program (RPCEDTU0).
If I run program RPCEDTU0 manually, it appears the selected employees do not print, however we run the RFFOUS_T after PRE_DME to create the DDP advice and it does not appear to be reading the I/T 655 flag.
We have no issue getting the payslip to ESS, but have not been able to turn off printing the DDP advice statements, any advice is appreciated.