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How to remove set flag for transfer

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How to remove set flag for transfer

Postby norazmi » Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:27 am

Hi SAP experts,

How to remove flag for transfer(Pre DME) for off-cyle run?

Thanks and regards
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Re: How to remove set flag for transfer

Postby xau » Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:30 pm

SAP's not esp consistant on this. Most EU countries have a prog that reverses the flag (by putting 2 further BT records one stamped & with a -ve value to reverse the stamped record and a new unstamped value.
If you're not lucky eneough to be in one of the countries with this option you're kind of stuffed :twisted:
(though I think the US has a diff method?)

eg for UK MOLGA 08

Data Medium Exchange: Cancelling Transfers

Report RPCDTFG0 enables you to correct payroll data after a transfer run has been created.

Let us assume that the parameter 'Set flag for transfers' was set for preliminary data medium program RPCDTAG0 when it was started, and that basic payroll errors are ascertained using the payment summary for the payment print and tape generation program. This makes it impossible to restart the payroll with corrected values because the payroll program regards the flagged amounts as transferred and simply calculates differences for these amounts. The payroll run might even be cancelled because it does not allow subsequent changes to be made to transfers.

This program enables you to rerun the payroll by effecting cancellations. A negative amount is entered in the payroll results for each flagged entry in table BT. Subsequent payroll runs do not evaluate any of the transfer orders cancelled in this way. This enables you to store and log the retraction of individual data medium payments in the system.

You must then retract the transfer order from master data and repeat the payroll run.
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Re: How to remove set flag for transfer

Postby sudhirad » Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:54 am


I am looking for a similar kind of program (RPCDTFG0) for payroll international, MOLGA 99. Any help is appreciated.

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