PRAA - relationship to SM35, PRFI and PRRW

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PRAA - relationship to SM35, PRFI and PRRW

Post by ling6565 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:20 am

Hi Gurus

I am new to the above transaction and will appreciate it very much if I can get some valuable input on this.

A few questions about PRAA:

a) I run it in update mode but i always have to go to SM35 to release the session. Can this be avoided?

b) My interpretation of the purpose of PRAA is really to auto-populate HR data from IT2, IT9 etc and "append" that to the new object created from the reference vendor master. Is there any features etc to goven how the data are retrieved from the HR infotypes? I was reading the program codes and it seems to be coded specifically. Basically, my requirement is to populate the Employee vendor name based on the Payee name field of IT0009 and also address details are to come from specific IT0006 fields. How can i do this?

c) Transactions, PRFI & PRRW - these seem to be related to posting amounts related to travel management. I am not using vendor objects for travel management so am I correct to say that I need not run these transactions?

Thanks in advance, gurus!

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