Issue with screen header for PA20/PA30

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Issue with screen header for PA20/PA30

Post by dcg » Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:08 am

Good afternoon.

We have used configuration in Table T588J to display data in the header for PA20/PA30.

There are 3 rows and 5 columns configured to show various pieces of HR data from a number of PA Infotypes.

We have configured some of these to only display a specific value - eg in Row 2 Column 5 we want to display a particular value from IT0034. When there is nothing to be shown in Row 2 Column 3 then the value for Column 5 does not display

Table T588J :

00 2 01 0001 PERSG DTX 00
00 2 27 0001 WERKS DTX 00
00 2 38 0034 9Y FUNKT DTX 30
00 2 54 0034 9U FUNKT DTX 30
00 2 70 0034 9W FUNKT DTX 30

If the employee has data for IT0034/9W but nothing for 0034/9Y, then the 9W will not display in the Header and even if they have a 9U and a 9W, neither will show if there is no 9W.

We've tested with other entries and as soon as we try to display something that doesn't exist, then anything to the right of that in the header just doesn't show.

Has anyone else seen this or know what's causing it?



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