Unit Field IT0008 (EITXT) - How to force entry in schema

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Unit Field IT0008 (EITXT) - How to force entry in schema

Post by Sleepyjoe » Mon Feb 25, 2008 9:03 am


I'm trying to insert the value of units via a rule but can't see how to do this. The situation is that we default the 'weeks' unit (011 in our system) on to our IT0008 records on the basis that if no number is entered, the employee works all year round, ie 52 weeks, but if they work part of the year, eg 48 weeks in all, a number is entered. However, unless a number is entered, the unit does not appear in WPBP and all I've been able to do in a rule is to get the number value of the weeks to show, ie 52.00 if the original was blank or 0.00. The reason we'd like this is because we are testing the changes to UK Local Govt. Pension Scheme and our payroll is currently terminating in the include RPCLGPG0 where it tries to divide the 'blank' or 0.00 weeks by 52 and I assume this is because it doesn't see the unit value in the results and therefore doesn't make the connection to the number I've inserted. Our ABAPers can't see where they could get the value in via BADIs and our only other solution is to change our business processes and amend 20,000 records to have 52.00 set as their number of weeks.

Any ideas, please?

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