Organizational reassignment

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Organizational reassignment

Post by userzw » Sun Jul 29, 2007 12:45 am

hi, guy

Could you give me some suggestion about Organizational reassignment workflow?

there is a workflow template WS0100014.
How does it work?

Is there any documents about this?

Any suggestion is appreciated!

thanks in advance!
waiting for your answer

Big Joe
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Post by Big Joe » Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:57 am

this is the standard explanation... good luck:

This workflow template enables you to execute a designated personnel
action (an organizational reassignment, for example)
If event linkage has been activated for the'ORGCHEARM.CREATED' event,
workflow starts automatically when a designation is created
for the corresponding personnel action (in table T77INT).

This is the case, for example, in Manager's Desktop, if several people are
are affected when an organizational object is moved to a new
organizational object.
In Manager's Desktop, as well as in "Simple maintenance",
this workflow is started if an employee
is transferred across organizational areas of responsibility
to a new line manager.

As, within this functionality for authorization reasons, the
new target position or the employee that is to be moved can not be
seen, in the first step of the workflow, the system
will ask for the newly assigned organizational unit or the chief of the
newly assigned organizational unit. The chief then receives
a corresponding work item, to specify the position
that is to be assigned to the employee within his
area of responsibility.

The work item concerning the decision as to how to process the action
(that is, either to execute it, change it, or withdraw it)
appears in the inbox of the relevant employee's personnel officer.
For this reason, the personnel master data of the relevant
employee must contain a personnel officer.
The personnel number of this personnel officer must be
assigned to an R/3 user via infotype 105 and be maintained in table T526.
The personnel officer responsible can change the corresponding personnel action
as long as the personnel number of the employee
is entered in T77INT.

Affected person as well as personel officer will be told about
the action by mail.
This must also be assigned to affected person's HR master data
using infotype 105 of R/3 user.

If the personnel officer responsible is to undo the personnel action, he
is told by mail, if an automatic undo
is not possible. In this case, either in 'Simple Maintenance' in
Organizational Management or in Manager's Desktop,
the employee transfer can be undone manually.
Corresponding information can be found in the mail to the
personnel officer. If an automatic undo leads to an error,
the personnel officer is notified per mail.

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Hi, JOE, Glad to see your advice

Post by userzw » Tue Jul 31, 2007 4:00 am

Could you tell me more about that how to create a designation
and the workflow starts?

Many more thanks!

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