Adding Cost Center data in IT15

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Adding Cost Center data in IT15

Post by gateway_park » Sun Sep 17, 2006 12:22 pm


I have prepared a upload program for Infotype 15 throu HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION FM, but now I need to make a insert Cost Center and Order number for the same.
FYI, this can be added by clicking a button above.
I got how to retreive records as they are inserted in ASSHR and ASSOB tables.
Could any one tell how to insert these?

Thank you.

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Post by Coweater » Tue Sep 19, 2006 6:28 pm

You should be using Infotype 2010. Cost Centre etc is already there and this is what 2010 is meant for.

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Post by Sleepyjoe » Wed Sep 20, 2006 7:14 am


I'm not really techie so I don't know if this helps - we use a consultancy supplied program for uploading files which is fairly similar to LSMW and when uploading cost centres to IT0015 it gives us a structure file as follows with the following data (formatting is lost, sorry).

Transaction Program name Screen Field name Field Value Length Comment
SAPMP50A 1000
RP50G-PERNR 8 Personnel Number
RP50G-TIMR6 X 1 Time period indicator: Period
RP50G-CHOIC 15 35 Infotype selection for HR master data maintenance
MP001500 2000
P0015-LGART 4 Wage type
Q0015-BETRG 18 Wage Type Amount for Payments
P0015-WAERS GBP 5 Currency Key
P0015-BEGDA 10 Start Date
COBL-KOSTL 10 Cost Center
COBL-BUKRS 4 Company code
MP001500 2000

I suspect it's the


bits that are relevant to what you want to do plus you'd add COBL-AUFNR as one of the upload fields. Hope this gives you some clues.

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