Charging tax upfront in lease

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Charging tax upfront in lease

Post by sapnov05 » Wed May 22, 2019 2:15 pm


We have an operating lease scenario in Europe where we need to charge the entire tax upfront for a lease. E.g. we lease equipment worth EUR 1,200 @ 100/month and if the tax rate is 10%, we need to charge it right on the first month's billing of EUR 100 i.e. 2 line items - 100 for the lease payment and 120 for the tax.I am aware in SAP CRM we have this provision but we have only ECC 6.0 - would you know how we can resolve this through the MWST condition? Any configuration and/or user exit that can do this based on a custom table where we can populate the countries where this is required and charge accordingly?

Any guidance/pointers deeply appreciated!

Thank you very much.

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