Intercompany asset transfer splitting?

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Intercompany asset transfer splitting?

Post by rivendell78 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:11 am

ECC6 using document splitting based on profit centres and I believe this is a splitting issue.

When I try to do an ABt1N asset transfer I get the following message
Error message KM183 - No postings can be made to profit centre &1 in company code &2 because the Profit centre is not assigned to the company code. This is correct as the asset that has received the transfer posting is in a different company code with a different profit centre.

In the main we only have one company code attached to a profit centre and this is the case with the ones linked via cost centre to the assets in question

Why is it trying to post to the wrong profit centre?

The profit centre is not the default one nor from any substitution but the one associated with the asset that is being transferred and is correctly only in one company code; I was expecting it to pick up the profit centre associated to the receiving asset that sits in another company code.

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