Initial Archiving Run FI_DOCUMNT

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Initial Archiving Run FI_DOCUMNT

Post by Erice » Mon May 08, 2017 6:00 am


My Company using Fund Management as well, then i want to archive FI_DOCUMNT.
But when i want to archive FI_DOCUMENT, it failed because FM issue, the message show that i have to run initial archiving run first using FMARC Transaction Codes.
I found the related SAP Notes to initial archiving (1399185). In this Notes state the prerequisite Notes also, one of them is 1518964 (to adding parameter on FMARC, right know only have FM Area parameter. The notes is to adding Year parameter to optimizing the program, so it can run only for specific year not for all year )

The manual step on SAP notes 1518964 are :
1. Create the text symbol 001 "Change FM area" for the programs RFFM_FMARC and RFFM_FMARC_BATCH.
2. Set the "Dictionary ref." parameter for the selection texts P_FIKRS and P_GJAHR.
3. Use transaction SE80 to change the transaction code FMARC so that the program RFFM_FMARC is called.
4. Use transaction SE80 to change the transaction code FMARC_BATCH so that the program RFFM_FMARC_BATCH is called.

But when i want to adding P_GJAHR on step 2, i can not find that column on My System.

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar? please share to me, how to adding the Year Parameter for FMARC?
How to doing the initial archiving run? is there something else way to complete this ?

Thank you

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