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Sales BOM and periodic revaluation with Actual Cost in CO-PA

PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:57 am
by Bobowang
We use sales BOMs. In CO-PA revenue is updated on sales BOM header material. We'd like to update COGS on header material as well (not on the sales BOM items materials).
I know that we can achieve that by setting 'cumulate cost' on item category level.

We also use Material Ledger Actual Costing and revalue COGS in CO-PA with actual costs with transaction KE27.

And here we are facing an issue with regards to sales BOMs. Revaluation with actual COGS happens on sales BOM item level. now the COGS in COPA is not the same with FI.

How can we update it on header level.

Has anyone come across this issue before?

Your suggestions would be appreciated.