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F110 Ultimate Debtor

PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:54 am
by daminaitisr
Company pays tax on behalf of employee. Tax authorities wants to receive Employee Name and Tax code on hehalf of whom tax is Paid in XML tag UltmntDbtr. I see in CGI_XML_CT this field is mapped to FPAYP-BNAME. But how I can get this field populated? I.e. for Vendor payment I want to provide different payer, than paying Company name in this tag.
So far I only see two uptions:
Use logic of CGI format defined fof Ultimate Creditor - so I would create Open Item for Employee, Indicate Alternative Pay - Tax authority (upside down process then defined in standard) or use Vendor Text and Refrence fields to fee this information.
Is there some SAP standard approach for payments to vendor, when I need to change Payer in XML files submited to Bank?