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FD33 Open Deliveries - How to find related DO number

PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:22 am
by nagaret01
Customer 30482
Credit Control Area 1000

Customer Credit Management - Screen
Environment > SD Documents > Open Deliveries/Billing Documents

Standard Analysis for info structure S067 - screen
Open Delivery shows 3.755,38

To find DO documents related to the open delivery

Extras > Document Information > Deliveries > Deliveries List

To see the related open deliveries

Now we come to this screen
General Delivery List - Outbound Deliveries (with nothing automatically populated from the S067 screen)

The things is
• In FD33 we are filling in the Payer
• In this screen, there is no Payer. Only default SoldTo and ShipTo which can be different from the Payer. So I added the BP 30482 at the [More Partners] section
• Now, for open DO, it can be either not completed Picking/PGI/billing
There can be many combinations.
And in delivery we check quantity weight, not value.

Is there a way in finance side they track the DO numbers that comes in as open DO?
I have no clue how to search the DO numbers for that Open Delivery values

Re: FD33 Open Deliveries - How to find related DO number

PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:06 am
by nagaret01
Customer : 82810

1. Check customer credit management - FD33
Customer 82810
Credit Control Area 1000

Environment > S&D Documents > Open DO/Bill Doc


Open Delivery : 149,29 EUR

2. Billing Due List VF04 – to find DO for the customer which has not been done billing

DO : 80726366

3. VL03N check document flow to get SO number

4. VA03 SO 382216 > Header > Conditions

Net + Tax (Total) : 1,312.50 NOK

** In S067 it is showing EUR

5. Change currency on S067

Click on [analysis currency]

Change it to NOK as in sales order currency

** S067 shows 1,267.56 but SO total shows 1,312.50

S067 = 1,267.56
SO = 1, 312.50

6. Check billing date

Checked the SO billing date
VA03 382216 > Header > Billing document tab

Billing date = 18.03.2015

Use this date in the S067 currency change
And then you will get this exact value matching to the SO

Open Delivery value that is shown from Credit Management is Delivery which has not been billed.
The Open Delivery value is taken from the SO value.
Look for the open DO through VF04, then find the SO number for those DO.
Make sure that the billing date/pricing date/ exchange rate/currency are the same when comparing the value.

Hope this explains