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How to assign cost element 100% to activity type in splittin

PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:11 pm
by rmcgaffic
I can't remember how to do this, and am hoping someone can help refresh my memory.

How to you assign activity independent costs to an activity type using a splitting structure where the assignment is 100%?

Here is an example:

Cost center 100 has two activity types:


The cost center has two cost elements that are planned as activity independent:

Fringe benefits
Property liability insurance

How do I assign the fringe benefits expense 100% to activity type LaborHours
and insurance expense 100% to activity type MachineHours.

Can someone help me with the splitting structure assignments or splitting rules to accomplish this?


Note: I earlier did accomplish the above using a more complicated solution, that I would like to avoid.
I used statistical key figures which required the planning of SKF for each cost center. For four or five
production cost centers, this was no big deal. But now I am faced with hundreds of cost centers, and I'm looking
for a simpler solution.