FBL5N report by Sales Org and Distribution Channel

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FBL5N report by Sales Org and Distribution Channel

Post by subodhd » Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:42 pm

Hi Guys
need to ask you question about FBL5N report for customer accounts receivables- is there any field that we can use that can differentiate between SD invoices based on distribution channel? Reason is that we have some customers in the same company code , same sales org, same credit control area , same customer number, and at present we are not able to segregate the dollar amounts for that customer by distribution channel ?
So we may have 1 FI doc showing $100 and another FI doc showing $200 for the same customer, but we can't tell at present which one belongs to distribution channel D1 and which belongs to Dist channel D2 ?
At present Distribution channel is the only way of separation to identify the 2 separate business channels.
Or is there any other way to get this info in Finance ?
Any suggestions ?


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