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TA PRRW BSEG-ZUONR Air-Plus assignment

PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 5:54 am
by xmchx
Dear SAP-Fans,
we are using the Air-Plus interface to post the trip expenses.

The invoices of air-plus are posted all two weeks with the lrs-file and program RPR_AIRP_LRS_TO_FI_V3:

Debit GL 29002000 for example 1.000 EUR with assignment field Air-Plus document number for example 1769046140956 (BSEG-ZUONR)
Credit Airplus-Vendor-Accont for example with 1.000 EUR

With TA PRCC we import the ATX-files daily and our travelers have to assign the expenses to the relevant trip.

With TA PRRW we post our travel expenses to FI.

Credit 290020000 for example 1.0000
Debit Cost-Account

For the automatic clearing of GL-account 290020000 we need to have the assignment field ( BSEG-ZUONR ) filled (posted with TA PRRW) with the Air-Plus document number as well.
Unfortunallty this seems not possible in standard. We always get the trip number in the assignment field instead of the air-plus document number.
Maybe you have already solved this problem?