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maintenance settlement rule for WBS element

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maintenance settlement rule for WBS element

Postby bastiro » Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:54 am

For our company we have defined two different kind of project profiles. Both project profiles have been assigned to their own respective settlement profile. THe settlement profile is customized as 'to be settled in full'.

As it is 'to be settled in full' it requires a settlement rule/distribution rule for each WBS level. If it does not contain as settlement rule/distribution rule an error will be shown during settlement of the project. My customer would like to remove this kind of error.

For one of the project profiles however, it is only required to maintain a settlement rule if the WBS element is marked as billing element or as account assignment element. If these are not flagged 1) no settlement can be entered (message CJ054) and no error is presented during settlment if there is no settlement rule.

Hence, for the other project profile, even though billing element or account assignment element is not flagged the user can still maintain a settlement rule and error is giving during actual settlement is no settlement exist.

I've checked user status assigned to project profiles, but these does not influence creation of settlement rule.
What other parameters control the different behavious between these 2 types of projects?
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