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Tax Depreciation in Czech Republic

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Tax Depreciation in Czech Republic

Postby goulevitch » Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:34 pm

dear Jan,

I have to manage tax depreciation for a affiliate located in Plzen (CZ). My customer JTEKT company roll out its core model solution but unfortunately I have no idea how to manage it?
Is there a solution in SAP to do that?
I understood that straight deprec method is used for accounting point of view -> no pb
But from a fiscal point of view, we have to manage several tax group of assets and distinguish for base calculation purpose, original capitalization value and post capitalization.

Have you already managed this localization request ?. Could you please provide me some information?

I think to use fixed assets to manage capitalization value and sub assets to take into account post capitalization because tax deprec has to be calculated by whole amount with different rates (that the main issue)

How could I manage such situation and of course these following % for the same asset :

Year Capitalization value Modification
1 21%
2 19.75%
3 19.75% 20%
4 19.75% 20%
5 19.75%

Your support would be very aprreciated...of course I remain at your disposal
thank for your help
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Re: Tax Depreciation in Czech Republic

Postby Gothmog » Mon May 05, 2014 3:52 am

Split from this old topic - please do not hijack topics for your questions, start new ones.
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