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CO - Allocation Rules

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:46 pm
by Sly6299
Allocation Rules are as following
- Variable and labor cost in the manufactoring: There are 2 steps of allocation. First, allocate from cost center to type of repairment (Rebuit, Repair, Washing) by using % input as an allocation factor. Secondly, allocate the cost from step one to specific MTOC (Made to order cost) based on the number of motorcycle by type
- Fixed cost in the manufactoring: Allocate from cost center to MTOC based on the number of motorcycle being sent into manufacturing process
- SG&A: Allocate to MTOC based on sales amount
- Labor cost in the office: First, allocate to each product group (Motorcycle, Big Bike, Sparepart, Accessory) by the number of employee. Then, allocate to MTOC by the sales amount.

Is this do-it able in SAP CO? thanks