Maximum number of items

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Maximum number of items

Post by akrason » Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:10 am


I have a quick request: What SD invoice item entries generate an FI document item?

I have a problem with FI document creation for an SD invoice of 490 items (a result of SD invoice consolidation rule in Customizing).
It did work well until recently when we have proceeded to a more frequent usage of price conditions usage in sales order.
Now I get error message F5727: "The maximum number of items for an FI document ("999") has been reached.
Therefore I have to estimate now how many SD items on average coming from various sales order result in let's say "950" FI document items.

I would appreciate your feedback
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Re: Maximum number of items

Post by darkduck » Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:17 am

You may wish to look at the following notes:
0001124245 Document split in FI for goods movement postings
0001353125 AC interface: Document split in FI for incoming invoices
0001353827 AC interface: Document split in FI for goods movements
0001439164 Document split in FI for postings from SD billing
0001450416 Note 1439164: Restriction to internal number assignment
0001480792 Enhancement for note 1439164 regarding no. of invoice items

There may be more recent ones.
If notes are not available for general public, you can request them from SAP via OSS message.

Just before submitting any question, have a look at please...

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