PA assessment can't check document

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PA assessment can't check document

Post by jolinchew » Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:23 am

we run KEU5 to transfer from CCA to COPA, after I run KEU5, I go to KSB5 to display cost line item from table COBK. but it only list the 1000 CO document number, value and posting date, for example CO document 6000010

I run KEU5 same cycle 5 times (execute/reversal)

later I use KE21N to manual post some record type D document by reference above PA documents, so same record type, also I use KE4S00 to reverse some PA documents generated by KEU5

i want a list of PA document corresponding to above co document generated by KEU5 , how can I get it, if I go to KE24 and select reference document number 6000010, I get both manual, reversal and KEU5 generated PA documents.

so how to get the list of COPA documents generated by KEU5? if can get the list of PA documents generated by first KEU5 run, it will be better, thanks

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