Reverse prior period interco AP settlement

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Reverse prior period interco AP settlement

Post by roadwarrior01 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:20 am

My client has created intercompany vendor master records, and centralizes AP cheque payments thru a few major paying company codes. Shared costs are allocated by posting to the IC vendor account. At present we have several outstanding cheques (over a year old) which have been lost and need to be cancelled to comply with US escheatment rules.

Because these interco amounts have already been posted to the responsible companies, and the posting periods are long closed, we are searching for a way to reverse the intercompany postings without opening the prior periods.

Voiding the cheques is one step (t-code FCH9) but we want to unravel the FI postings by cancelling payment (FCH8 yields an error message that not all documents can be reversed).

Appreciate any suggestions.

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