Split from : how to update data in table ADRC

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Split from : how to update data in table ADRC

Post by roadwarrior01 » Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:38 am

Just picking up on this thread. I'm no techie so any assistance appreciated. When creating checks from our AP (t-code F110) the form specifies fields from ADRC and REGUH tables. Some of these fields are for example ADRC-NAME_CO (name care of), ADRC-STR_SUPPL3 (Street 4) and ADRC-LOCATION (Street 5).

How are these fields populated? Is it part of the check creation program RFCHKE00? Where does the data come from? It's not entered during payment processing. And I don't see the fields in other vendor master tables e.g. LFA1, LFB1 etc.

Need to know because some data is overflowing the field lengths and affecting check printing, so we have to abbreviate some of the information.

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Re: Split from : how to update data in table ADRC

Post by darkduck » Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:21 am

These fields are part of vendor master data and kept in ADRC table. ADRC and LFA1 are linked via ADRNR field.
If you don't see these fields in the vendor master data (fk03 / xk03), that's because they are probably hidden by vendor group configuration. check it in SPRO

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