Balancing field "profit center" cant be fixed as instruction

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Balancing field "profit center" cant be fixed as instruction

Post by linhdt » Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:13 am

Dear all,

I am creating invoice by FB60 and hit error

I open Performance assistant, and follow the instruction that link to "Define Document Splitting Characteristics for General Ledger Accounting".

I made the "Zero balances" as unchecked, save, and then I could post the vendor invoice.
Then, I come back to FB60, try to generate the other invoice and hit the same error.
I open "Define document spilliting ..." again, made Zero balances as checked, then I posted invoices successfully.

But again, when I come back, I still got the same error.

Filling the profit center in first line item couldn't solve the problem.
Please help if you got any ideas about this error.

Thank you a lot.



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Re: Balancing field "profit center" cant be fixed as instruction

Post by roadwarrior01 » Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:54 pm

I'm surprised you have authorization to make this change "Define document splitting characteristics" if you have authorization to make postings in PRD. "Define document splitting characteristics" is a configuration step that should not be changed, unless fully tested.

You should talk to your technical support people about this issue. There are good business reasons, and decisions, why this field should be checked or unchecked (i.e. whether to utilize document splitting and zero balancing). Don't try to circumvent these issues, just so you can complete your posting.

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