Selection Criteria in AA reports

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Selection Criteria in AA reports

Post by slinkyjib » Wed May 12, 2010 2:01 am

Hi all,

My customer has a requirement to report on Asset balances (possibly more reports later) by profit centre.
Currently they report on WBS and Cost centre multiple selections.

The possible solutions that I can think of;
1.) Copy the required report, bespoke the selection criteria with a lookup to edrive the Profit Centre from allocated object in AA master. (Possible serious performance hit).

2.) add a custom profit centre field to the asset master (batch job to update profit centre should the wbs/ cost centre change), add custom field to selection criteria of required report.
(Long method, more customizing than I'd like).

Any thoughts on these or does anyone have any alternative solutions?

I've heard a rumour that there may be changes to aid with this in ehp 5.0, though I'd feel a little unprofessional saying the usual consultant like "that's in the next ehp/ release".
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Re: Selection Criteria in AA reports

Post by » Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:58 pm


Kindly try using sort variant 0016 while viewing Asset reports.


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