Electronic bank statement automatic clearing of posts

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Electronic bank statement automatic clearing of posts

Post by chil24 » Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:16 am

My problem is that im working on implementing a electronic bank statement in the file form MT940 (SWIFT) to our SAP system where I want to be able to clear eg. customer accounts on the basis of the payments recived displayed in the MT940 file.
So far everything is working except when i try to clear a post which in the bank statment have been applied a bank charge. I can see in the file that the recieved amount is not the one being posted instead it posts the original amount by using the ocmt field code. I cant figure out why it doesnt take base in the recieved amount and then let you set up some tolerance levels for matching invoice amounts whith bank statement lines.

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Post by MeganM » Wed Oct 31, 2007 8:41 am

I can't say I fully understand your post but given that it is a bank charge i.e. probably not in a clearing account but unanticipated have you entered a posting key for posting without clearing?

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more detail on my problem

Post by chil24 » Wed Oct 31, 2007 11:30 am

The problem is when i have a transaction on my bankstatementfile that looks like the following:

821 -17005531807299
:86:/ORDP/ /9492601951 Customer /OCMT/USD9935,97/ /CHGS/USD10,00 USD9.925,97 /CHGS/DKK10,00 CHASU
S33XXX BANK N.AP.O. BOX 999 /REMI/2500012887

I know that the difference between recieved amount and ocmt amount is due to bank charges

I get SAP to debit my g/l bank account and credit my intermitiate account with 9924,05
But then SAP debit the intermidiate account and credit my customer account with 9935,97

This I believe is wrong because i wanted SAP to take the 9924,05 which i had recieved and then match this figure with a invoice having a figure that was within tolerance level. Then SAP should take the difference between the customer invoice and recieved amount and place on a bank charge cost account.

Is there a deeper meaning with SAP using the ocmt amount in the posting from intermediate account to customer account?
Or does our bank have a wrong definition of use for the OCMT field? The bank uses it for posting the original sent amount before the bank charges but as i understand the use of the field it should only contain the recieved amount in its original currency?

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Re: Electronic bank statement automatic clearing of posts

Post by carezza » Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:03 pm

Hello, did you succeded?

I am facing the same...

:86:206?00Auslandsgutschrift?10993211?20Inlandsanschlusszahl.E EU
R?21Ref. Auft: YG4451-ZAE001186?22Auftrag: 11.790,16 EUR?23Summe
Geb. 12,50 EUR?24Provision 12,50?25INV NO 76825 PO NO 10979?26Urs
pr.: 11.810,16 EUR?27Ausl.-Sp.: 20,00 EUR?30OCBCMYKL ?32PMI-TEC
?33 17 N 19, JLN PENGAC?34400

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Re: Electronic bank statement automatic clearing of posts

Post by darkduck » Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:09 pm

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