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line item texts

PostPosted: Mon Oct 21, 2002 8:50 am
by lebowski992001
We have a seperate piece of software posting customer invoices into SAP.

One customer invoice contains a customer line item, a GL line item and SAP generates a tax line item. The text field in the customer and GL line items contain the same text - is there any way we can default this text into the tax line item?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 21, 2002 7:00 pm
by Guest
Hello Big Lebowski,

If you enter a '+' (plus sign) into the text line of the third line item, it will automatically bring in the text of the previous line item.

This will work if your interface brings the data in via BDC and not direct input into the tables (in which case you'd have a bigger problem).



PostPosted: Tue Oct 22, 2002 3:11 am
by LEBOWSKI992001
Thanks for that.

How can I do this if these are auto-posted line items?