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Cross-Company Posting in BTM

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Cross-Company Posting in BTM

Postby jd hogge » Mon Oct 21, 2002 7:58 am

We are currently on version 4.6B. We use Business Trip Management and would like for our employees to be able to charge cost objects that are assigned to company codes other than the employees' home company. The expense reimbursement is an add-on to the employee paycheck (not a separate check).

We have a GL account assigned to technical symbolic account 1001. When we test this functionality, this account acts as a plug for the out-of-balance condition in the FI documents (The other company has the expense; the home company has the liability). This makes reconciliation virtually impossible when more than two companies are thrown into the mix.

Ideally, we'd like this process to use the intercompany clearing functionality in FI (table T001U). We utilize intercompany customers and vendors.

I work primarily with the GL. A subset of our HR team handles BTM and a different subset handles Payroll. Neither group has found anything in the IMG or OSS to help. I have found refernces to OSS but nothing very helpful.

Before I ask SAP, can anyone help?
jd hogge

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This website is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or approved by SAP AG.