aBAPER a alternative generator for ABAP queries by Vladimir Vyukov The zip file contains:

1. doc file with short description of the functionality
2. source codes of all ABAP modules + xls file with description of additional objects and
3. two transport files (.tsr), containing the whole program.

Program to download/upload table data dynamically by Neil Overton

ABAP/4 Programming Quickstart by Dennis Barrett,the author of “SAP R/3 ABAP/4 Command Reference” published by Que.

ABAP/4 Source by Alexander Nelovkin

Programming Specification and Reporting/BDC utilities plus documentation DOCS.ZIP by Richard Harper: One of the things that I’ve learnt are the common things that are the bread and butter of a programmers work. This collection of documents and includes contains a series of routines aimed at making the writing and maintenance of reports easy, standardising their look and feel with no effort from the programmer. Alongside this are macros for the design of parameter screens and the handling of BDC’s. Fully documented, the archive also contains hints on SQL and a framework for a programming specification. Last updated::: April 12th 2003.

How to determine the number of available lines depending on the font size by Poonam

How to deal with table control / step loop in BDC by Comelite

ABAP/4 Sourcecode Documentation by Ramakrishnan S.

Programmable Logic Data Interface by Budi Rachman. This program is very simple program, but it will help us to run data convertion without creating ABAP program.

Direct download v4.12. Allows a user to download ABAPs, Functions DD definitions, etc to the presentation server. This version searches recursively for nested includes and function modules, and allows you to download the resulting code as standard text or HTML web pages. Compatible with R/3 versions 3 and 4.

Jason’s Collection of ABAP programs****Updated April 2nd 2003****: The zip file contains ABAP programs created by Joe Mason over the last few years. The Repository contains Data Conversion Programs, Utility Programs, Mass Maintenance Programs, Customer Specific Reports, and Documentation. File AAREADME.WRI explains what is included and where.


SAP Events by Robert Parkinson



SAPUTILS.ZIP – Richard Harper : A raft of utilities from Jim Hawthorne. Instructions are found in the README.TXT file. I have added an addendum to this explaining the changes I have made to my copy in order to get them to work on ’95/’98 systems.

R/3 Tips by Miranda

SAP ASAP Documentation: Gloria Lindberg SAP AG

Chapter1 Chapter2 Chapter3

Chapter4 Chapter5 Chapter6Chapter7 Chapter8 Glossary

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